Northern Tokunoshima Town Tourist Web Portal

Why is the northern part of Tokunoshima the best place to visit right now?

The town of Tokunoshima was formed when Higashi-amagi Village and Kametsu Town were merged in 1958. While port facilities and town offices are concentrated in the southern part of the town, the pristine nature remains untouched in the northern part. There are plans to build a world natural heritage center and central tourist facility, which is expected to help nature preservation efforts and spread the word. Apart from being surrounded by clear blue oceans and a World Heritage Forest, the northern part of the town is also comprised of 7 settlements that have a rich history and culture and is inhabited by hospitable islanders who will put a smile on your face, thoroughly rejuvenating you by engaging all of your five senses.
This web portal provides information on the hottest spots to visit in the northern part of Tokunoshima Town, together with information on the distinctive charms of each settlement and tourist trails that incorporate fascinating spots only known by locals.

How to access the island

[By Airplane]
Daily flights are available from Kagoshima and Amami to Tokunoshima.
Duration:Kagoshima?Tokunoshima: roughly 65 minutes, Amami?Tokunoshima: roughly 35 minute

[By Ferry]
Daily rides on large ferries are available between Kagoshima?Amami Oshima?Tokunoshima?Okinoerabujima?Yoronjima?Okinawa (Motobu)?Okinawa (Naha).

Tourist Information Center

Tokunoshima Tourism Organization Tourist Information Center
Tokunoshima Airport Terminal 1F Arrival Lobby, 1-1 Asama, Amagi-cho, Oshima-gun, Kagoshima 891-7605

Tourist Information Center

You can use public buses that go around Tokunoshima Island.

[Taxi/Car Rentals]
If you intend to use taxis, please book them by phone.
While you will not be charged a pick-up fee, you may need to wait a while until they pick you up, so it is recommended to book early.
If you intend to rent a car, we recommend booking one before coming to the island.
While you will not be charged a pick-up fee, you may need to wait a while until they reach you, so it is recommended to book early.

Wi-Fi Hotspots & How to use

Free Wi-Fi is available at the Tokunoshima Airport and Kedoku Port. (A password is required to access the Wi-Fi. Please check when you arrive on the island.)
Please ask your intended accommodation facility to check if they provide Wi-Fi.

Currency Exchange & ATM (cash withdrawal terminals)

ATMs are available at private banking facilities, post offices (Japan Post Bank), convenience stores, and the Agricultural Cooperative.
Please note that there are no ATMs at the airport and Kedoku Port.